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''The mindset you wake up with is your GPS for the day'' - Pradeep Malhotra

Mindset is usually described as an assortment of convictions and musings that make up the psychological mentality and tendency that predetermines an individual's translations and reactions to occasions, conditions and circumstances.
Your demeanor is the means by which you feel about something. Your outlook shapes your demeanor, and your attitude strengthens your mindset.


Entrepreneurial Mindset and Importance

''Remember, mindset is the #1 most important thing as you start your entrepreneurial journey, and it will continue to guide you the entire way.''— Kate Erickson

An Entrepreneur harnesses, compiles, manages and leads the resources to his advantage . He has skill sets and competencies which are driven with certain mindset but it’s the entrepreneurial mindset that drives these skills and competencies that motivates him to make a right choice towards achieving his ‘compelling goal’ . It prepares him to face the challenges of the 21st century – the VUCA environment of today.

By entrepreneurial mindset we don’t mean it's about the startup or setting up a business but it is for every individual, employed or self employed , corporate executive to Leader , small business owners, women entrepreneurs and students, Its about your way of “Being”. We may call it “ Awastha Se Vyavastha”.


We Help You Develop Your Entrepreneurial Mindset With Focus On Greater Self-Efficacy, Intrinsic Motivation, Optimism, Growth Mindset And Internal Locus Of Control

REGISTRATION OPEN for the Online Original Version for MSME Owners, Owner Managers,
Corporate Managers , Retiring Armed Forces Officers, Women Entrepreneurs , Startups , employed and self employed individuals ,engineers and university students

Entrepreneurial Mindset Development Programmes


Organizations,  Business  houses and trade Associations offer the ELI  Ice House Entrepreneurship Program as a learning and advancement program to build up the pioneering attitude ...


The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program (Small Business Edition) has been actualized to develop an enterprising mentality in trying business people, entrepreneurs, and financial engineers.


Universities offer the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program as a feature of their Entrepreneurship educational program, as a general instruction course, or as a workforce improvement ...


Schools offer the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program as a component of their business enterprise educational program or as general instruction course just as a staff ...


Government organizations offer the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program as an administration and workforce improvement program to build up the innovative attitude in their pioneers and ...


Charitable associations offer the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program as an initiative and staff advancement program to build up the enterprising outlook in their pioneers and ...


    Why ELI?

    Established in 2007, the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative began through a coordinated effort with the Cisco Entrepreneur Institute, supported by Kauffman Foundation and Kauffman Entrepreneur Institute to direct a gap investigation in entrepreneurial educational program, in which it was resolved that an innovative outlook was an essentially ignored part of enterprise instruction programs.

    1. 1. Intensive research  based content and delivery  methodology. 
    2. 2. ELI USA are the pioneers in the field with Courses curriculum  specifically  designed for the target audience backed up by regular  Webinars,, blogs, case studies and videos 
    3. 3.  Focus exclusively on understanding & practicing Entrepreneurial Mindset. 
    4. 4. 8 Core concepts based on the book ‘Who Owns the Ice house?’
    5. 5. Master Facilitators Program delivered by the Founder & CEO , author and President of ELI .All other programs by Eli certified Master facilitators and facilitators.
    6. 6. Timeline flexibility to Complete  the course at your own pace.
    7. 7.  Proven track record of ‘On going achievements.
    8. 8. Organization of high repute with  impeccable reputation, globally.
    9. 9. Trusted Partners.
    10. 10.  Special price structure  for India only  through Pradeepam

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