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Pradeep Malhotra

Pradeep Malhotra

Life Purpose

''Inspire, enable and empower people lead a purpose driven life and be a leader of change and generate unprecedented future for themselves and others'' -Pradeep Malhotra

Pradeep Malhotra is the Founder & CVO of Pradeepam Multi Academy and SEAL WisdomNet. He is a passionate Social Entrepreneur, an inspiring leader and a committed life skills facilitator with over 40 years of demonstrated reputation. He is the only ELI certified Entrepreneurial Mindset Master Facilitator in the country.

Applying his leadership and life skills, facilitation strengths, he has made a huge contribution to building individuals and organizations to produce breakthrough results and create an unprecedented future for themselves and others. With his core competence in the field of capacity building and individual empowerment and transformation he helps people unlock their inner strength & true human potential and be unreasonable, unstoppable and a limitless ``Being``.
He has helped transform the lives of over 20,000 participants through his training and educational programs.
In his huge experience in the field of learning & development, Pradeep has effectively directed multi area trainings and Academic projects for Central and State Government ventures, DGR, Corporate, PSUs, NGOs, renowned Educational Institutions, Customized and open programs.
As a Master facilitator he shall be developing and training a pool of ELI certified facilitators in the country.
A Post Graduate in Economics and trained faculty on Entrepreneurship programs from EDI, Ahmadabad. he is a certified NLP and 3Q practitioner. He is a certified trainer/facilitator from GIZ, Germany and SEQUA UK International. He works very closely with the Neuroscientists, Research Scholars, educationists, Entrepreneurs and HR experts to create new learning pathways.
Membership: National HRD Network (Delhi Chapter), AIMA,DMA, TIE and is a Core Team member of SpARC Service Wing (Spiritual Application Research Centre) of 'Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation', answerable for CSR, Planning, structuring and encouraging Value Skills Building projects, Meetings and Dialogues.